Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alexandre Champagnat

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I shot this like a year and a half ago but i love it

My mate Thom kerr scouted this guy in New zealand, I got him sent over for a commissioned shoot for attitude u.k and did a fun gents story with him on the side.

he reminded me of YSL the man himself circa late seventies so i wanted to get the whole kinda studio 54 vibe on him. he was so much fun to shoot!

he migrated from france and had a really thick accent so i had to direct him in broken english which i'm totally talented at doing thanks to my Italian and Spanish upbringing.

would be great if he wasn't all the way over there in N.Z. I can think of at least a dozen different ways i love to shoot him.

Photography Elvis Di Fazio
Stylist James Dykes

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